My wife and I made a wonderful trip to Paris

Like every year, we planned a city trip. After much deliberation and searching, where we could go, my darling had the idea to travel to the city of art and fashion, Paris.

We booked 4 Star Hotel at the station Gare de l’Est and decided to drive with our own car. After I told my colleagues this proposal, I caught surprising looks. „What, you want to drive by car from Paris?“ I replied quizzically, „Why not, what’s wrong with that?“

On Thursday, the 9th December 2010, we left our home around 5:00 clock. After a fun and entertaining ride, we arrived around 13:00 clock in Paris. I thought at the wheel of anything bad, but when we drove into town on the six-lane roadway, all the signs read in French and even the navigation system crashed, but then I was quite nervous. Luckily, my darling could start it again in a few minutes.

We parked our car at our hotel after we drove a half hour squiggles, directly opposite the hotel, bags dragged through the revolving door into the reception room where they were immediately taken by the porter.

At the reception, I tried what I’ve been practicing at the halfway point of the trip: „J’ai une chambre chez vous réservé“ (I bookes a room) and got a very friendly grin and a thumbs up back shown, „great“.

After checking in, the porter took our bags to our room. We had a room on the 7th Floor and thus a splendid view over part of the city.

The hotel is recommended in any case, because it’s what we did not know, more of a business hotel, stay in the business people who are barely just arrived by train. Accordingly, the large breakfast buffet is great. After the three days we had then tried everything.

The rooms were very nice furnished and had a fine bathroom.

A major advantage of this hotel was that we went out right from the revolving door and had a subway station closed to the hotel. We made ourselves familiar with the system of public transport. We did not really understand how this works, but somehow it was all but self-explanatory and we bought the ticket at a vending machine where we could even set German as the language. You may not believe it.
We read also that there should be no place in Paris, which would be further away than 600 meters to the nearest metro or tram station. The route network is very dense and the stations are not far apart.
With the Metro, we drove to the station Châtelet Les Halles, and quickly found their way to the Seine.

Our first route led along the river to the Musée du Louvre, the most extensive museum of the world. In the Louvre, they told us, that running 10 miles every day and that about 4 weeks would need to really see everything.

Under the bold glass pyramid of the Chinese architect IM Pei, is the main entrance to the museum.

We turned and saw the small triumphal arch, which stands in a line of sight with his big brother on the Place du Carrousel, in between lies the Jardin des Tuileries, the Place de la Concorde and the Champs Elysées.
We went over the Pont Royal, past the Musée d’Orsay, on the Pont de la Concorde back to the other side of the Seine to the Place de la Concorde.

The view from the Place de la Concorde, we enjoyed very much.
What we did not know was that the Eiffel Tower begins every 20 minutes, blinking like crazy. It looked beautiful!
The center of the Place de la Concorde is dominated by the 3000 year old obelisk from Luxor, Egypt.

The French say, the obelisk would have been a gift from Egypt and the Egyptians say that the French had stolen from them . May believe whatever you want. It still looks very nice. The perspective that opens up from the Place de la Condorde is breathtaking: The Champs-Elysées takes place sparkling and glittering to the Arc de Triomphe.

We had a wonderful stay in Paris, my darling had the right idea. We agreed that we go again.

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